Gets the formatting data in the current session. (Get-FormatData)



Gets the formatting data in the current session.

Get-FormatData [[-TypeName] <string[]>] [<CommonParameters>]

The Get-FormatData cmdlet gets the formatting data in the current session.

The formatting data in the session includes formatting data from Format.ps1xml formatting files (such as those in the $pshome directory), formatting data for modules that you import into the session, and formatting data for commands that you import into your session by using the Import-PSSession cmdlet.

You can use this cmdlet to examine the formatting data. Then, you can use the Export-FormatData cmdlet to serialize the objects (convert them to XML) and save them in Format.ps1xml files.

For more information about formatting files in Windows PowerShell, see about_Format.ps1xml.

-TypeName <string[]>
Gets only the formatting data with the specified type names. Enter the type names. Wildcards are permitted.

Required? false
Position? 1
Default value
Accept pipeline input? false
Accept wildcard characters? true

This cmdlet supports the common parameters: Verbose, Debug,
ErrorAction, ErrorVariable, WarningAction, WarningVariable,
OutBuffer and OutVariable. For more information, type,
"get-help about_commonparameters".

You cannot pipe input to this cmdlet.





# Description
This command gets all the formatting data in the session.


C:\PS>get-formatdata -typename Microsoft.Wsman*

# Description
This command gets the formatting data items whose names begin with "Microsoft.Wsman".


C:\PS>$f = get-formatdata -typename helpinfoshort

C:\PS> $f

TypeName FormatViewDefinition
-------- --------------------
HelpInfoShort {help , TableControl}

C:\PS> $f.FormatViewDefinition[0].control

Headers Rows
------- ----
{System.Management.Automation.TableControlColumnHeader, System.Manageme... {System.Management.Automation.TableControlRow}

C:\PS> $f.FormatViewDefinition[0].control.headers

Label Alignment Width
----- --------- -----
Name Left 33
Category Left 9
Undefined 0

# Description
This example shows how to get a formatting data object and examine its properties.


C:\PS>$a = get-formatdata

C:\PS> import-module bitstransfer
C:\PS> $b = get-formatdata
C:\PS> compare-object $a $b

InputObject SideIndicator
----------- -------------
Microsoft.BackgroundIntelligentTransfer.Management.BitsJob =>

C:\PS> get-formatdata *bits* | export-formatdata -filepath c:\test\bits.format.ps1xml

C:\PS> get-content c:\test\bits.format.ps1xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><Configuration><ViewDefinitions>

# Description
This example shows how to use Get-FormatData and Export-FormatData to export the formatting data that is added by a module.

The first four commands use the Get-FormatData, Import-Module, and Compare-Object cmdlets to identify the format type that the BitsTransfer module adds to the session.

The fifth command uses the Get-FormatData cmdlet to get the format type that the BitsTransfer module adds. It uses a pipeline operator (|) to send the format type object to the Export-FormatData cmdlet, which converts it back to XML and saves it in the specified format.ps1xml file.

The final command shows an excerpt of the format.ps1xml file content.

Online version:

C:\Windows>powershell get-help Export-FormatData -full

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PowerShell: Gets the formatting data in the current session.

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