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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7000]
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C:\Windows>netsh wlan show ? The following commands are available: Commands in this context: show all - Shows complete wireless device and networks information. show allowexplicitcreds - Shows the allow shared user credentials settings. show autoconfig - Shows whether the auto configuration logic is enabled or disabled. show blockednetworks - Shows the blocked network display settings. show createalluserprofile - Shows whether everyone is allowed to create all user profiles. show drivers - Shows properties of the wireless LAN drivers on the system. show filters - Shows the allowed and blocked network list. show hostednetwork - Show hosted network properties and status. show interfaces - Shows a list of the wireless LAN interfaces on the system. show networks - Shows a list of networks visible on the system. show onlyUseGPProfilesforAllowedNetworks - Shows the only use GP profiles on GP configured networks setting. show profiles - Shows a list of profiles configured on the system. show settings - Shows the global settings of wireless LAN. show tracing - Shows whether wireless LAN tracing is enabled or disabled.


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netsh interface ipv4 set dynamicportrange
Modifies the range of ports used for dynamic port assignment.
netsh p2p pnrp peer show registration
Lists registered peer names.
netsh interface httpstunnel delete interface
Delete an IPHTTPS client or server interface


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Displays information. / Windows 10, 8.1, Seven

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