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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001]
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c:\windows>netsh ipsec static set filteraction ? Usage: filteraction [ name = ] | [ guid = ] [ [ newname = ] ] [ [ description = ] ] [ [ qmpfs = ] (yes | no) ] [ [ inpass = ] (yes | no) ] [ [ soft = ] (yes | no) ] [ [ action = ] (permit | block | negotiate) ] [ [ qmsecmethods = ] (neg#1 neg#2 ... neg#n) ] Modifies a filter action. Parameters: Tag Value name | guid -Name or guid of the filter action. newname -New name of the filter action. description -Brief information about the filter action. qmpfs -Option to set quick mode perfect forward secrecy. inpass -Accept unsecured communication, but always respond using IPsec. This takes a value of either 'yes' or 'no'. soft -Allow unsecured communication with non-IPsec-aware computers. This takes a value of either 'yes' or 'no'. action -This takes permit or block or negotiate. qmsecmethods -IPsec offer in one of the following formats: ESP[ConfAlg,AuthAlg]:k/s AH[HashAlg]:k/s AH[HashAlg]+ESP[ConfAlg,AuthAlg]:k/s where ConfAlg can be DES or 3DES or None. where AuthAlg can be MD5 or SHA1 or None. where HashAlg is MD5 or SHA1. where k is lifetime in kilobytes. where s is lifetime in seconds. Remarks: The use of DES and MD5 is not recommended. These cryptographic algorithms are provided for backward compatibility only. Examples:1. set filteraction name=test qmsec=ESP[3DES,MD5]:100000k/2000s 2. set filteraction guid={11E6E97E-0031-49f5-AC7D-5F2FE99BABAF} inpass=y


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Modifies a filter action. / Windows Vista

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