ColorConsole [Version 1.3.3000]
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

The syntax of this command is:

            [/UNIQUEPW:number] [/DOMAIN]

NET ACCOUNTS updates the user accounts database and modifies password
and logon requirements for all accounts.
When used without options, NET ACCOUNTS displays the current settings for
password, logon limitations, and domain information.

Two conditions are required in order for options used with
NET ACCOUNTS to take effect:

_  The password and logon requirements are only effective if user
  accounts have been set up (use User Manager or the NET USER command).

_  The Net Logon service must be running on all servers in the domain
  that verify logon. Net Logon is started automatically when Windows

/FORCELOGOFF:  Sets the number of minutes a user has
                             before being forced to log off when the
                             account expires or valid logon hours expire.
                             NO, the default, prevents forced logoff.
/MINPWLEN:length              Sets the minimum number of characters for
                             a password. The range is 0-14 characters;
                             the default is 6 characters.
/MAXPWAGE: Sets the maximum number of days that a
                             password is valid. No limit is specified
                             by using UNLIMITED. /MAXPWAGE can't be less
                             than /MINPWAGE. The range is 1-999; the
                             default is 90 days.
/MINPWAGE:days                Sets the minimum number of days that must
                             pass before a user can change a password.
                             A value of 0 sets no minimum time. The range
                             is 0-999; the default is 0 days. /MINPWAGE
                             can't be more than /MAXPWAGE.
/UNIQUEPW:number              Requires that a user's passwords be unique
                             through the specified number of password
                             changes. The maximum value is 24.
/DOMAIN                       Performs the operation on a domain
                             controller of the current domain. Otherwise,
                             the operation is performed on the local

NET HELP command | MORE displays Help one screen at a time.

The syntax of this command is:

 NET COMPUTER adds or deletes computers from a domain database. This
 command is available only on Windows NT Servers.

\\computername    Specifies the computer to add or delete from
                 the domain.
/ADD              Adds the specified computer to the domain.
/DEL              Removes the specified computer from the domain.

The syntax of this command is:


NET CONFIG displays configuration information of the Workstation or
Server service. When used without the SERVER or WORKSTATION switch,
it displays a list of configurable services. To get help with
configuring a service, type NET HELP CONFIG service.

SERVER        Displays information about the configuration of
             the Server service.
WORKSTATION   Displays information about the configuration of
             the Workstation service.

NET HELP command | MORE displays Help one screen at a time.


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