Imports a CLIXML file and creates corresponding objects within Windows PowerShell. (Import-Clixml)



Imports a CLIXML file and creates corresponding objects within Windows PowerShell.

Import-Clixml [-Path] <string[]> [<CommonParameters>]

The Import-Clixml cmdlet imports a CLIXML file with data that represents Microsoft .NET Framework objects and creates the objects in Windows PowerShell.

-Path <string[]>
Specifies the location of the XML files to be converted into Windows PowerShell objects.

Required? true
Position? 1
Default value
Accept pipeline input? true (ByValue, ByPropertyName)
Accept wildcard characters? false

This cmdlet supports the common parameters: Verbose, Debug,
ErrorAction, ErrorVariable, WarningAction, WarningVariable,
OutBuffer and OutVariable. For more information, type,
"get-help about_commonparameters".

You can pipe a string that contains a path to Import-Clixml.

Import-Clixml returns objects that have been deserialized from the stored XML files.


When specifying multiple values for a parameter, use commas to separate the values. For example, "<parameter-name> <value1>, <value2>".


C:\PS>get-process | export-clixml pi.xml

C:\PS> $processes = import-clixml pi.xml

# Description
This command uses the Export-Clixml cmdlet to save a serialized copy of the process information returned by Get-Process. It then uses Import-Clixml to retrieve the contents of the serialized file and re-create an object that is stored in the $processes variable.

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PowerShell: Imports a CLIXML file and creates corresponding objects within Windows PowerShell.

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