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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7000]
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C:\Windows>netsh interface httpstunnel ? The following commands are available: Commands in this context: ? - Displays a list of commands. add - Adds a configuration entry to a table. delete - Deletes a configuration entry from a table. dump - Displays a configuration script. help - Displays a list of commands. reset - Reset the IP HTTPS configurations. set - Sets configuration information. show - Displays information. To view help for a command, type the command, followed by a space, and then type ?.


netsh interface httpstunnel - Windows Seven - command Changes to the `netsh interface httpstunnel' context. / Windows Seven
netsh, interface, httpstunnel, cmd, command, Windows, Seven
Quick - Link:
netsh bridge set adapter
Modifies the bridge configuration for a specified adapter.
netsh nap client set csp
Sets CSP configuration.
netsh advfirewall show store
Displays the policy store for the current interactive session.
netsh mbn show visibleproviders
Shows the visible providers list for the given interface.
netsh advfirewall mainmode dump
Displays a configuration script.
netsh lan set tracing
Enables or disables tracing.

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