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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7000]
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C:\Windows>netsh ipsec static add filteraction ? Usage: filteraction [ name = ] [ [ description = ] ] [ [ qmpfs = ] (yes | no) ] [ [ inpass = ] (yes | no) ] [ [ soft = ] (yes | no) ] [ [ action = ] (permit | block | negotiate) ] [ [ qmsecmethods = ] (neg#1 neg#2 ... neg#n) ] Creates a filter action. Parameters: Tag Value name -Name of the filter action. description -Brief information about the type of filter action. qmpfs -Option to set quick mode perfect forward secrecy. inpass -Accept unsecured communication, but always respond using IPsec. This takes a value of either 'yes' or 'no'. soft -Allow unsecured communication with non-IPsec-aware computers. This takes a value of either 'yes' or 'no'. action -This takes permit, block or negotiate. qmsecmethods -IPsec offer in one of the following formats: ESP[ConfAlg,AuthAlg]:k/s AH[HashAlg]:k/s AH[HashAlg]+ESP[ConfAlg,AuthAlg]:k/s where ConfAlg can be DES or 3DES or None. where AuthAlg can be MD5 or SHA1 or None. where HashAlg is MD5 or SHA1. where k is Lifetime in kilobytes. where s is Lifetime in seconds. Remarks: 1. Quick mode security methods are ignored if the action is not 'negotiate' 2. The use of DES and MD5 is not recommended. These cryptographic algorithms are provided for backward compatibility only. Examples: add filteraction name=FilterA qmpfs=yes soft=y action=negotiate qmsec="AH[MD5]:204800k/300s ESP[DES,SHA1]:30000k/480s"


netsh ipsec static add filteraction - Windows Seven - command Creates a filter action. / Windows Seven
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