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C:\Windows>netsh wlan connect ? Usage: connect [name=] [[ssid=]] [[interface=]] Parameters: Tag Value ssid - SSID of the wireless network. name - Name of the profile to be used in connection attempt. interface - Name of the interface from which connection is attempted. Remarks: Connect to the wireless network given by ssid using the specified profile. Connection is attempted from the specified interface unless there is only one available interface on the system, in which case, the interface parameter can be omitted. Parameter profile name is required but ssid is optional. If only one SSID exists in the profile, then this SSID is used to connect. If there are multiple SSIDs in the profile, then parameter ssid is required. Parameter interface is required if there are two or more available interfaces on the system. When interface is specified, it cannot be a wildcard name. If the specified interface is already connected to a wireless network, this command will first disconnect from the currently connected network, then attempt to connect to the new network. However, if these two networks are the same this command simply returns success and does nothing. Examples: connect name=Profile1 ssid=SSID1 connect name=Profile2 ssid=SSID2 interface="Wireless Network Connection"


netsh wlan connect - Windows Seven - command Connects to a wireless network. / Windows Seven
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