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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001]
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c:\windows>netsh advfirewall ? The following commands are available: Commands in this context: ? - Displays a list of commands. consec - Changes to the `netsh advfirewall consec' context. dump - Displays a configuration script. export - Exports the current policy to a file. firewall - Changes to the `netsh advfirewall firewall' context. help - Displays a list of commands. import - Imports a policy file into the current policy store. monitor - Changes to the `netsh advfirewall monitor' context. reset - Resets the policy to the default out-of-box policy. set - Sets the per-profile or global settings. show - Displays profile or global properties. The following sub-contexts are available: consec firewall monitor To view help for a command, type the command, followed by a space, and then type ?.


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netsh interface ipv6 set compartment
Modifies compartment configuration parameters.
netsh rpc filter add rule
Adds an RPC firewall filter rule.
netsh advfirewall set global
Sets the global properties.
netsh nap show configuration
Shows configuration.
netsh interface ipv4 delete arpcache
Flushes the ARP cache for one or all interfaces.


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Changes to the `netsh advfirewall' context. / Windows Vista

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