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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001]
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c:\windows>netsh wlan export profile ? Usage: export profile [name=] [folder=] [[interface=]] Parameters: Tag Value name - Name of the profile to export. folder - Name of the folder in which the profile XML files will be saved. interface - Name of the interface which has this profile configured. Remarks: Saves the selected profiles into XML files in the specified folder. For each exported profile, the output file will be named as "Interface Name-Profile Name.xml". Parameters folder, name and interface are all optional. If profile name is given then the specified profile will be saved. Otherwise profiles on any interface will be saved. If the folder parameter is provided it must specify an existing folder accessible from the local computer. It can either be an absolute path, or a relative path to the current working directory. In addition, "." refers to the current working directory, and ".." refers to the parent directory of the current working directory. The folder name cannot be a UNC (Universal Naming Convention) path. By default profiles will be saved in the current working directory. If interface name is given, only the specified profile on the given interface will be saved. Otherwise all profiles with the given name on the system will be saved. Examples: export profile name="profile 1" folder=c:\profiles interface="Wireless Network Connection" export profile name="profile 2" folder=.


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