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Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
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C:\WINDOWS>netsh routing ip add persistentroute ? Usage: add persistentroute [dest=] [mask=] [name=] [[nhop=]] [[proto=]static|nondod] [[preference=]integer] [[metric=]integer] [[view=]unicast|multicast|both] Parameters: Tag Value dest - The destination address for the specified route. mask - The subnet mask for the destination address. name - The interface where the route is to be added. nhop - The next hop for the route. For routes over point-to-point interfaces, this value is not needed. proto - One of the following values: static: Trigger demand-dial connection (default) nondod: Do not trigger deamnd-dial connection preference - The preference for the route. metric - The metric for the route. view - One of the following values: unicast: Route is valid only for unicast traffic multicast: Route is valid only for multicast traffic both: Route is valid for both unicast and multicast traffic (default) Remarks: Adds a persistent static route to the specified interface. Examples: add persistentroute "Virtual Private Connection"


netsh routing ip add persistentroute - Windows 2000/XP - command Adds a persistent static route. / Windows 2000/XP
netsh, routing, ip, add, persistentroute, cmd, command, Windows, 2000/XP
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