ColorConsole [Version 1.3.3000]
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

Ends localization of environment changes in a batch file.
Environment changes made after ENDLOCAL has been issued are
not local to the batch file; the previous settings are not
restored on termination of the batch file.


If Command Extensions are enabled ENDLOCAL changes as follows:

If the corresponding SETLOCAL enable or disabled command extensions
after the ENDLOCAL, the enabled/disabled state of command extensions
will be restored to what it was prior to the matching SETLOCAL
command execution.

Deletes one or more files.

DEL [/P] [/F] [/S] [/Q] [/A[[:]attributes]] names
ERASE [/P] [/F] [/S] [/Q] [/A[[:]attributes]] names

 names         Specifies a list of one or more files or directories.
               Wildcards may be used to delete multiple files. If a
               directory is specified, all files within the directory
               will be deleted.

 /P            Prompts for confirmation before deleting each file.
 /F            Force deleting of read-only files.
 /S            Delete specified files from all subdirectories.
 /Q            Quiet mode, do not ask if ok to delete on global wildcard
 /A            Selects files to delete based on attributes
 attributes    R  Read-only files            S  System files
               H  Hidden files               A  Files ready for archiving
               -  Prefix meaning not

If Command Extensions are enabled DEL and ERASE change as follows:

The display semantics of the /S switch are reversed in that it shows
you only the files that are deleted, not the ones it could not find.

Quits the CMD.EXE program (command interpreter) or the current batch

EXIT [/B] [exitCode]

 /B          specifies to exit the current batch script instead of
             CMD.EXE.  If executed from outside a batch script, it
             will quit CMD.EXE

 exitCode    specifies a numeric number.  if /B is specified, sets
             ERRORLEVEL that number.  If quitting CMD.EXE, sets the process
             exit code with that number.


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The command ENDLOCAL - Ends localization of environment changes in a batch file.

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