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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7000]
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C:\Windows>netsh branchcache set cachesize ? Usage: set cachesize [size=]{DEFAULT|} [[percent=]{TRUE|FALSE}] Parameters: Tag Value size - The size of the cache. Entered as either a percentage or an exact number of bytes. Set to DEFAULT to restore the default configuration percent - Determines if the size tag is treated as a percentage of the size of the hard disk or as an exact number of bytes. Ignored if the size tag is set to DEFAULT. TRUE - size is a percentage of the size of the hard disk FALSE - size is an exact number of bytes (Default) Remarks: Sets the size of the BranchCache service's local cache. The size can be entered as either an exact number of bytes, or as a percentage of the size of the disk. Note that this refers to the size of the disk on which the cache is located, not the total size of all disks present on this computer. Examples: set cachesize DEFAULT set cachesize 20971520 set cachesize size=20 percent=TRUE


netsh branchcache set cachesize - Windows Seven - command Sets the size of the local cache. / Windows Seven
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