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C:\Windows>netsh interface ipv6 show subinterfaces ? Usage: show subinterfaces [[interface=]] [[subinterface=]] [[level=]normal|verbose] [[store=]active|persistent] Parameters: Tag Value interface - Interface name or index. subinterface - Subinterface LUID. This is only useful on interfaces with multiple subinterfaces. level - One of the following values: normal: Display one line per subinterface. This is the default when no subinterface is given. verbose: Display extra information on each subinterface. This is the default when an subinterface is given. store - One of the following values: active: Show subinterfaces in the stack (default). persistent: Show persistent subinterfaces. Remarks: Displays information about all subinterfaces, or about all subinterfaces on a given interface if one is specified.


netsh interface ipv6 show subinterfaces - Windows Seven - command Shows subinterface parameters. / Windows Seven
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