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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001]
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c:\windows>netsh bridge set adapter ?

Usage: set adapter [id=] [[forcecompatmode=]enable|disable]

     Tag               Value
     id              - The ID of the adapter which you want configured.
                       Use the "show adapter" command to obtain ID listing.
     forcecompatmode - One of the following values:
                       enable : Enable Layer3 mode.
                       disable: Disable Layer3 mode.

Remarks: Modifies bridge configuration for a specified adapter.
        This should only be done if network connectivity is not
        working as expected on the specified adapter.


      set adapter "2" forcecompatmode=enable

      Modifies the bridge configuration for adapter "2" by setting it
      in Layer3 mode.


netsh bridge set adapter - Windows Vista - command Modifies the bridge configuration for a specified adapter. - Windows Vista
netsh, bridge, set, adapter, cmd, command, Windows, Vista
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