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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001]
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c:\windows>netsh http show ? The following commands are available: Commands in this context: show cachestate - Lists cached URI resources and their associated properties. show iplisten - Displays all the IP addresses in the IP listen list. show servicestate - Shows a snapshot of the HTTP service. show sslcert - Displays SSL certificate bindings for an IP address and port. show timeout - Shows the timeout values of the service. show urlacl - Displays URL namespace reservations.


Quick - Link:
netsh p2p pnrp peer dump
Displays a configuration script.
netsh interface ipv6 isatap set router
Sets ISATAP router information.
netsh advfirewall monitor dump
Displays a configuration script.
netsh nap client show state
Shows state.


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Displays information. / Windows Vista

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