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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001]
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c:\windows>netsh interface ipv4 show compartments ?

Usage: show compartments [[compartment=]] [[level=]normal|verbose]


      Tag           Value
      compartment - Compartment Id.
      level       - One of the following values:
                    normal: Display one line per compartment.  This is
                            the default when no compartment is given.
                    verbose: Display extra information on each
                             compartment.  This is the default when an
                             compartment is given.
      store       - One of the following values:
                    active: Show compartments in the stack (default).
                    persistent: Show persistent compartments.

Remarks: Displays information about all compartments, or about a given
        compartment if one is specified.


netsh interface ipv4 show compartments - Windows Vista - command Shows compartment parameters. - Windows Vista
netsh, interface, ipv4, show, compartments, cmd, command, Windows, Vista
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