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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001]
(C) Copyright 2006 Microsoft Corp.
c:\windows>netsh interface ipv6 show offload ? Usage: show offload [[name=]] Parameters: Tag Value name - The name of a specific interface. Remarks: Displays the offload information of a specific interface or interfaces. Examples: show offload show offload "Local Area Connection"


Quick - Link:
netsh interface ipv6 reset
Reset the IP configurations.
netsh ipsec dynamic dump
Displays a configuration script.
netsh advfirewall set allprofiles
Sets properties in all profiles.
netsh nap reset
Resets configuration.
netsh interface ipv4 add winsserver
Adds a static WINS server address.
netsh ras aaaa show accounting
Displays the current accounting provider.


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Displays the offload information. / Windows Vista

HTTP: ... cmd/en/Windows_Vista/netsh/interface/ipv6/show/offload.htm

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