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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001]
(C) Copyright 2006 Microsoft Corp.
c:\windows>netsh ipsec dynamic add mmpolicy ?

 mmpolicy [ name = ]
          [ [ qmpermm = ]  ]
          [ [ mmlifetime = ] ]
          [ [ softsaexpirationtime  = ] ]
          [ [ mmsecmethods = ] (sec#1 sec#2 ... sec#n) ]

 Adds a main mode policy to SPD.


 Tag                     Value
 name                   -Name of the main mode policy.
 qmpermm                -Number of quick mode sessions per main mode session
                         of IKE.
 mmlifetime             -Time in minutes to rekey for main mode of IKE.
 softsaexpirationtime   -Time in minutes for an unprotected SA to expire.
 mmsecmethods           -List of one or more space separated security
                         methods in the form of ConfAlg-HashAlg-GroupNum.
                         where ConfAlg can be DES or 3DES
                         where HashAlg can be MD5 or SHA1
                         GroupNum can be 1 (Low) or 2 (Med) or 3 (DH2048).

Remarks:  The use of DES and MD5 is not recommended. These cryptographic
         algorithms are provided for backward compatibility only.

Examples: add mmp name=mmp qmpermm=10 mmlifetime=300 softsa=20
         mmsec="3DES-SHA1-3 DES-SHA1-2 3DES-MD5-3"


netsh ipsec dynamic add mmpolicy - Windows Vista - command Adds a main mode policy to SPD. - Windows Vista
netsh, ipsec, dynamic, add, mmpolicy, cmd, command, Windows, Vista
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