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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001]
(C) Copyright 2006 Microsoft Corp.
c:\windows>netsh p2p collab contact delete ? Usage: delete Remarks: Delete a contact from the contact store.


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netsh firewall set icmpsetting
Sets firewall ICMP configuration.
netsh p2p idmgr delete group
Deletes groups from identities.
netsh interface ipv4 show udpconnections
Displays UDP connections.
netsh interface portproxy show v6tov4
Shows parameters for proxying IPv6 connections to IPv4.
netsh wlan show createalluserprofile
Shows whether everyone is allowed to create all
netsh lan show
Displays information.


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Delete a contact from the contact store. / Windows Vista

HTTP: ... cmd/en/Windows_Vista/netsh/p2p/collab/contact/delete.htm

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