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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001]
(C) Copyright 2006 Microsoft Corp.
c:\windows>netsh p2p pnrp peer set machinename ?

Usage: netsh p2p pnrp peer set machinename [[name=]]
[[publish=]Start|Stop] [[autopublish=]enable|disable]

Tag  Value
name - The name to use as the machine name.  If value is null, a
 secured name will be automatically generated.

publish - If set to 'start' will cause the name to start being
 published immediately.  If set to 'stop', will stop
 the publication of the name.

autopublish - Will set whether or not automatic publication is
 enabled.  When autopublish is enabled, the machine
 automatically begins publishing the name at boot.

Remarks: This command allows the user to control the publication of a Peer Name
for the machine using the Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRP).
If you use this functionality, it will allow you to resolve the Peer
Name of the this machine from other remote machines subject to network
reachability.  If you start publication through this command without
setting a name, then a secured name will be automatically generated
for you and will be visible through the 'show machinename' command.


set machinename publish=start autopublish=enable


netsh p2p pnrp peer set machinename - Windows Vista - command Sets configuration information for the PnrpAutoReg service - Windows Vista
netsh, p2p, pnrp, peer, set, machinename, cmd, command, Windows, Vista
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