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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001]
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c:\windows>netsh ras diagnostics show installation ?

show installation [ type = ] FILE|EMAIL
                 [ destination = ] destination                        
                 [ [ compression = ] ENABLED|DISABLED                
                   [ hours = ] hours                                  
                   [ verbose = ] ENABLED|DISABLED ]                  
 Installation Info.                                                  
 type - type of destination.                                          
    FILE  - save the diagnostic report to a file.                    
    EMAIL - send the diagnostic report to an email address.          
 destination - the destination for the diagnostic report. Either a    
               filename or an email address is a valid destination.  
 compression - compress the diagnostic report into a CAB file.        
    ENABLED  - enables compression. Default setting for email        
    DISABLED - disables compression. Default setting for file        
 hours - only show log entries from this number of hours in the past.
         1 - 24 is valid. If no time is specified, the entire log will
         be displayed.                                                
 verbose - Amount of data to include in the diagnostic report.        
    ENABLED  - enables verbose information.                          
    DISABLED - disables verbose information. Default.                


netsh ras diagnostics show installation - Windows Vista - command Installation Info. - Windows Vista
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