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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001]
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c:\windows>netsh ras set user ? set user [name = ] username [dialin = ] PERMIT|DENY|POLICY [ [cbpolicy = ] NONE|CALLER|ADMIN [cbnumber = ] callback number ] Sets user Remote Access properties. username - the user's logon name. dialin - whether the user will be allowed to dial in PERMIT - allow the user to dial in. DENY - do not allow the user to dial in. POLICY - use remote access policies to determine dialin. cbpolicy - the callback policy of the user. The callback feature is used to save the caller the cost of the phone call. NONE - callback is not allowed for the user CALLER - user can specify callback number at call time ADMIN - always call the user at the callback number cbnumber - the number to use when cbpolicy is ADMIN NOTE: The 'POLICY' option is not available for users that belong to a mixed-mode domain. For these users, 'POLICY' is assumed to mean 'DENY'.


netsh ras set user - Windows Vista - command Sets the Remote Access properties of a user. / Windows Vista
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