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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7000]
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C:\Windows>netsh advfirewall consec delete rule ? Usage: delete rule name= [type=dynamic|static] [profile=public|private|domain|any[,...] (default=any)] [endpoint1=any|localsubnet|dns|dhcp|wins|defaultgateway| ||||] [endpoint2=any|localsubnet|dns|dhcp|wins|defaultgateway| ||||] [port1=0-65535|[,...]|any (default=any)] [port2=0-65535|[,...]|any (default=any)] [protocol=0-255|tcp|udp|icmpv4|icmpv6|any] Remarks: - Deletes a rule identified by name and optionally by profiles, endpoints, ports, protocol, and type. - If multiple matches are found, all matching rules are deleted. Examples: Delete a rule called "rule1" from all profiles: netsh advfirewall consec delete rule name="rule1" Delete all dynamic rules from all profiles: netsh advfirewall consec delete rule name=all type=dynamic


netsh advfirewall consec delete rule - Windows Seven - command Deletes all matching connection security rules. / Windows Seven
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