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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7000]
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C:\Windows>netsh ipsec static set store ? Usage: store [location = ] (local | domain) [ [ domain = ] ] Sets the current IPsec policy storage location. Parameters: Tag Value location Location of the IPsec policy store. domain Domain name (only applies to the domain location). Remarks: 1. The local store contains IPsec policies that can be assigned to secure this computer. If a domain policy is available, the domain policy is applied instead of the local policy. 2. The domain store contains IPsec policies that can be assigned to secure groups of computers in a domain. 3. Use the 'set machine' command to configure a remote computer. 4. The default store is Local. Changes to the store setting persist only as long as the current Netsh session. If you need to run multiple commands in the same store from a batch file, use the 'Netsh Exec' when executing your batch file. 5. Persistent store and persistent policy is not supported. Examples: 1. set store location= local - uses the local store of the current computer . 2. set store location=domain com - uses the domain policy store for .


netsh ipsec static set store - Windows Seven - command Sets the current policy store. / Windows Seven
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