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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7000]
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C:\Windows>netsh winhttp set tracing ? Usage: set tracing [output=]file|debugger|both [trace-file-prefix=] [level=]default|verbose [format=]ansi|hex [max-trace-file-size=] [state=]enabled|disabled Parameters: Tag Value trace-file-prefix - Prefix for the log file (can include a path) specify "*" to delete an existing prefix output - Where the trace entries are written/displayed to level - How much information to log format - Display format of network traffic (hex or ansi) max-trace-file-size - Maximum size of the trace file (in bytes) state - Enables or disables winhttp tracing Examples: set tracing trace-file-prefix="C:\Temp\Test3" level=verbose format=hex set tracing output=debugger max-trace-file-size=512000 state=enabled


netsh winhttp set tracing - Windows Seven - command Configures WinHTTP tracing parameters. / Windows Seven
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