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C:\Windows>netsh interface ipv4 set dnsservers ? Usage: set dnsservers [name=] [source=]dhcp|static [[address=]|none] [[register=]none|primary|both] [[validate=]yes|no] Parameters: Tag Value name - The name or index of the interface. source - One of the following values: dhcp: Sets DHCP as the source for configuring DNS servers for the specific interface. static: Sets the source for configuring DNS servers to local static configuration. address - One of the following values: : An IP address for a DNS server. none: Clears the list of DNS servers. register - One of the following values: none: Disables Dynamic DNS registration. primary: Register under the primary DNS suffix only. both: Register under both the primary DNS suffix, as well as under the connection-specific suffix. validate - Specifies whether validation of the DNS server setting will be performed. The value is yes by default. Remarks: Sets DNS server configuration to either DHCP or static mode. Only when source is 'static', is the 'addr' option also available for configuring a static list of DNS server IP addresses for the specified interface. If Validate switch is yes, then the newly set DNS server is validated. Examples: set dnsservers name="Local Area Connection" source=dhcp set dnsservers "Local Area Connection" static primary


netsh interface ipv4 set dnsservers - Windows Seven - command Sets DNS server mode and addresses. / Windows Seven
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