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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7000]
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C:\Windows>netsh interface ipv6 6to4 set state ? Usage: set state [[state=](enabled|disabled|default)] [[undoonstop=](enabled|disabled|default)] Parameters: Tag Value state - One of the following values: disabled: Disable the 6to4 service. No 6to4 interfaces are created. enabled: Enable the 6to4 service. Configure 6to4 addresses for each public IPv4 address. default: Restore the default 6to4 behavior, which is the same as automatic. undoonstop - Whether 6to4 is disabled on service stop. Remarks: Sets the 6to4 configuration state. Examples: set state default default set state state=enabled undoonstop=disabled


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Sets the 6to4 state. / Windows 10, 8.1, Seven

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