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C:\Windows>netsh ras diagnostics show configuration ? show configuration [ type = ] FILE|EMAIL [ destination = ] destination [ [ compression = ] ENABLED|DISABLED [ hours = ] hours [ verbose = ] ENABLED|DISABLED ] Configuration Info. type - type of destination. FILE - save the diagnostic report to a file. EMAIL - send the diagnostic report to an email address. destination - the destination for the diagnostic report. Either a filename or an email address is a valid destination. compression - compress the diagnostic report into a CAB file. ENABLED - enables compression. Default setting for email destination. DISABLED - disables compression. Default setting for file destination. hours - only show log entries from this number of hours in the past. 1 - 24 is valid. If no time is specified, the entire log will be displayed. verbose - Amount of data to include in the diagnostic report. ENABLED - enables verbose information. DISABLED - disables verbose information. Default.


netsh ras diagnostics show configuration - Windows Seven - command Configuration Info. / Windows Seven
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netsh nap client reset trustedservergroup
Resets trusted server group configuration.
netsh advfirewall show global
Displays the global properties.
netsh mbn show signal
Shows the signal information for the given interface.
netsh advfirewall mainmode add rule
Adds a new mainmode rule.
netsh lan set autoconfig
Enables or disables auto-configuration on an interface.

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