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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001]
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c:\windows>netsh firewall set service ? set service [ type = ] FILEANDPRINT|REMOTEADMIN|REMOTEDESKTOP|UPNP|ALL [ [ mode = ] ENABLE|DISABLE [ scope = ] ALL|SUBNET|CUSTOM [ addresses = ] addresses [ profile = ] CURRENT|DOMAIN|STANDARD|ALL ] Sets firewall service configuration. Parameters: type - Service type. FILEANDPRINT - File and printer sharing. REMOTEADMIN - Remote administration. REMOTEDESKTOP - Remote assistance and remote desktop. UPNP - UPnP framework. ALL - All types. mode - Service mode (optional). ENABLE - Allow through firewall (default). DISABLE - Do not allow through firewall. scope - Service scope (optional). ALL - Allow all traffic through firewall. SUBNET - Allow only local network (subnet) traffic through firewall. CUSTOM - Allow only specified traffic through firewall. addresses - Custom scope addresses (optional). This comma-separated scope can contain IPv4 addresses, IPv6 addresses, subnets, ranges, or the keyword LocalSubnet. profile - Configuration profile (optional). CURRENT - Applies to the active profile. Active profile can be domain, standard (i.e. private), or public. (default). DOMAIN - Applies to the domain profile. STANDARD - Applies to the standard (i.e. private) profile. ALL - Applies to the domain and standard (i.e. private) profile. Does not apply to the public profile. Remarks: 'scope' must be 'CUSTOM' to specify 'addresses'. 'addresses' can not contain Unspecified or Loopback addresses. Examples: set service FILEANDPRINT set service REMOTEADMIN DISABLE set service REMOTEDESKTOP ENABLE CUSTOM,,, 12AB:0000:0000:CD30::/60,LocalSubnet set service type=UPNP set service type=REMOTEADMIN mode=ENABLE scope=SUBNET set service type=REMOTEDESKTOP mode=ENABLE scope=CUSTOM addresses=,,, 12AB:0000:0000:CD30::/60,LocalSubnet


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