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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001]
(C) Copyright 2006 Microsoft Corp.
c:\windows>netsh interface ipv4 set interface ?

Usage: set interface [interface=] [[forwarding=]enabled|disabled]
            [[advertise=]enabled|disabled] [[mtu=]]
            [[siteid=]] [[metric=]automatic|]


      Tag                Value
      interface            - Interface name or index.
      forwarding           - Whether packets arriving on this interface can
                             be forwarded to other interfaces.  The default
                             is disabled.
      advertise            - Whether router advertisments are to be sent on
                             this interface.  The default is disabled.
      mtu                  - The MTU of this interface.  The default is the
                             natural MTU of the link.
      siteid               - The Site-id can no longer be configured from
                             netsh.The value specified is ignored.
      metric               - Interface metric, added to route metrics for
                             all routes over the interface.
      firewall             - The Firewall can no longer be configured from
                             netsh.The value specified is ignored.
      siteprefixlength     - Default length of global prefix for the entire
      nud                  - Whether neighbor unreachability detection is
                             enabled.The default depends on the type of the
      basereachable        - Base reachable time (in ms).
      retransmittime       - Retransmit time (in ms).
      dadtransmits         - Number of duplicate address detection transmits.
      routerdiscovery      - Whether router discovery is enabled, disabled,
                             or controlled by DHCP.
      managedaddress       - Whether managed address configuration is
                             enabled.Setting this parameter will have no
                             effect on an interface that has router discovery
                             enabled andadvertising disabled.  For such an
                             interface, the parameter is controlled by router

      otherstateful        - Whether other stateful configuration is enabled
                             Setting this parameter will have no effect on  
                             interface that has router discovery enabled  
                             advertising disabled.  For such an interface,
                             the parameter is controlled by router discovery
      weakhostsend         - Whether weak host sends are enabled
      weakhostreceive      - Whether weak host receives are enabled
      ignoredefaultroutes  - Ignores the default routes on the interface.
                             This option is disabled by default
      store                - One of the following values:
                             active: Set only lasts until next boot
                             persistent: Set is persistent

Remarks: Modifies interface configuration parameters


      set interface "1" metric=2 forwarding=enabled store=


netsh interface ipv4 set interface - Windows Vista - command Modifies interface configuration parameters for IP. - Windows Vista
netsh, interface, ipv4, set, interface, cmd, command, Windows, Vista
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