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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001]
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c:\windows>netsh lan set profileparameter ? Usage: set profileparameter [[interface=]] [[authMode=]machineOrUser|machineOnly|userOnly|guest] [[ssoMode]=preLogon|postLogon|none] [[maxDelay]=1-120] [[allowDialog]=yes|no] [[userVLAN]=yes|no] Parameters: Tag Value name - Name of the profile to be modified. interface - Name of the interface on which the profile is set. authMode - Type of credentials to be used for authentication. ssoMode - Type of single sign on to be attempted if any. maxDelay - Timeout value to establish single sign on connection. allowDialog - Allow or Disallow a dialog to be shown for preLogon. userVLAN - Specify if the network switches to a different VLAN on user authentication. Remarks: Modifies the specified profile name. If the interface is specified then only profiles on that interface are modified. At least one parameter besides interface must be specified. Examples: set profileparameter authMode=userOnly ssoMode=preLogon set profileparameter interface="Local Area Connection" ssoMode=none


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