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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7000]
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C:\Windows>netsh nap client set tracing ? set tracing [ [ state = ] ENABLE|DISABLE [ level = ] BASIC|ADVANCED|VERBOSE ] Sets tracing settings. You must specify at least one parameter. state - Specifies whether tracing is enabled or disabled. The default value is "DISABLE". (Optional) ENABLE - Enables tracing. DISABLE - Disables tracing. (Default) level - Specifies the level of information that appears in the tracing log file. The default value is "BASIC". (Optional) BASIC - Basic tracing detail. (Default) ADVANCED - Advanced tracing detail. VERBOSE - Verbose tracing detail. Example: set tracing state = "ENABLE" level = "BASIC"


netsh nap client set tracing - Windows Seven - command Sets tracing configuration. / Windows Seven
netsh, nap, client, set, tracing, cmd, command, Windows, Seven
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