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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7000]
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C:\Windows>netsh advfirewall mainmode set rule ? Usage: set rule name= [profile=public|private|domain|any[,...]] [type=dynamic|static (default=static)] new [name=] [mmsecmethods= dhgroup1|dhgroup2|dhgroup14|ecdhp256| ecdhp384:3des|des|aes128|aes192|aes256-md5|sha1|sha256| sha384[,...]|default] [mmforcedh=yes|no (default=no)] [mmkeylifetime=min,sess] [description=] [enable=yes|no] [profile=public|private|domain|any[,...]] [endpoint1=any|localsubnet|dns|dhcp|wins|defaultgateway ||||] [endpoint2=any|localsubnet|dns|dhcp|wins|defaultgateway| ||||] [auth1=computerkerb|computercert|computercertecdsap256| computercertecdsap384|computerpsk|computerntlm|anonymous[,...]] [auth1psk=] [auth1ca=" [certmapping:yes|no] [excludecaname:yes|no] [catype:root|intermediate (default=root)] | ..."] [auth1healthcert=yes|no (default=no)] [auth1ecdsap256ca=" [certmapping:yes|no] [excludecaname:yes|no] [catype:root|intermediate (default=root)] | ..."] [auth1ecdsap256healthcert=yes|no (default=no)] [auth1ecdsap384ca=" [certmapping:yes|no] [excludecaname:yes|no] [catype:root|intermediate (default=root)] | ..."] [auth1ecdsap384healthcert=yes|no (default=no)] [profile= any|current|domain|private|public[,...]] Remarks: -Sets a new parameter value on an identified rule. The command fails if the rule does not exist. To create a rule, use the add command. -Values after the new keyword are updated in the rule. If there are no values, or keyword new is missing, no changes are made. -If multiple rules match the criteria, all matching rules will be updated. -Rule name should be unique and cannot be "all". -Auth1 can be comma-separated lists of options. Computerpsk and computerntlm methods cannot be specified together for auth1. -The use of DES, MD5 and DHGroup1 is not recommended. These cryptographic algorithms are provided for backward compatibility only. -The minimum main mode keylifetime is mmkeylifetime=1min. The maximum main mode mmkeylifetime= 2880min. The minimum number of sessions= 0 sessions. The maximum = 2,147,483,647 sessions. -The mmsecmethods keyword default sets the policy to: dhgroup2-aes128-sha1,dhgroup2-3des-sha1 Examples: Change the mmescmethods, description and keylifetime of a rule named test Netsh advfirewall mainmode set rule name="test" new description="Mainmode for RATH2" Mmsecmethods=dhgroup2:3des-sha256,ecdhp384:3des-sha384 auth1=computerntlm mmkeylifetime=2min profile=domain


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Sets new values for properties of an existing rule. / Windows 10, 8.1, Seven

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