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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7000]
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C:\Windows>netsh interface ipv4 set global ? Usage: set global [[defaultcurhoplimit=]] [neighborcachelimit=] [[routecachelimit=]] [[reassemblylimit=]] [[icmpredirects=]enabled|disabled] [[sourceroutingbehavior=]drop|forward|dontforward] [[taskoffload=]enabled|disabled] [[dhcpmediasense=]enabled|disabled] [[mediasenseeventlog=]enabled|disabled] [[mldlevel=]none|sendonly|all] [[mldversion=]version1|version2|version3] [[multicastforwarding=]enabled|disabled] [[groupforwardedfragments=]enabled|disabled] [[randomizeidentifiers=]enabled|disabled] [[store=]active|persistent] [[addressmaskreply=]enabled|disabled] Parameters: Tag Value defaultcurhoplimit - Default HopLimit of packets sent. neighborcachelimit - Maximum number of neighbor cache entries. routecachelimit - Maximum number of route cache entries. reassemblylimit - Maximum size of reassembly buffer. icmpredirects - Whether the path cache is updated in response to ICMP redirect packets. sourceroutingbehavior - Determines the behavior for source routed packets. Per RFC 5095 support for forwarding of source routed IPv6 packets has been removed, and the setting forward now has the same effect as dontforward. taskoffload - Whether task offload is enabled or not. dhcpmediasense - Whether media sense is enabled or not. mediasenseeventlog - Whether media sense logging is enabled or not. mldlevel - Level of multicast support. none implies mulitcast packets can neither be sent nor received; sendonly implies multicast packets can be sent but not received; all implies multicast packets can be sent as well as received. mldversion - Maximum MLD version supported by the host. multicastforwarding - Whether multicast packets can be forwarded. groupforwardedfragments - Whether fragments should be collected into groups before being forwarded. randomizeidentifiers - Whether interface identifiers are randomized. store - One of the following values: active: Set only lasts until next boot. persistent: Set is persistent. This is the default. addressmaskreply - Whether the computer will respond to ICMP Address mask packets Remarks: Modifies global configuration general parameters. Example: set global 32 100 100000


netsh interface ipv4 set global - Windows Seven - command Modifies global configuration general parameters. / Windows Seven
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