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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7000]
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C:\Windows>netsh mbn connect ? Usage: connect [interface=] [connmode=]tmp|name [name=] Parameters: Tag Value *** ***** interface Interface Name. connmode Specifies how connection parameters are being provided. name Name of the profile XML file or the profile name. Remarks: Connect to the Mobile Broadband Network using the given profile. It is required that device is registered before invoking this function. Parameter interface is required. It is one of the interface name shown by "netsh mbn show interfaces" command. Parameter connmode specifies how the connection parameters are being supplied. The connection can be requested using a profile XML, or using profile name for the profile XML that has been previously stored in Mobile Broadband Profile Data Store using "netsh mbn add profile" command. In former case, the parameter connmode shall hold "tmp" as value. Whereas, it shall be "name" in the latter case. Parameter name shall specify name of the Profile XML file, if parameter connmode is "tmp", and it shall specify name of the profile, if parameter connmode is "name". Examples: connect interface="Mobile Broadband Connection" connmode=tmp name=d:\profile.xml connect interface="Mobile Broadband Connection" connmode=name name=MyProfileName


netsh mbn connect - Windows Seven - command Connects to a Mobile Broadband network. / Windows Seven
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