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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7000]
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C:\Windows>netsh wfp show ? The following commands are available: Commands in this context: show appid - Displays the application ID for the specified file. show boottimepolicy - Displays the boot-time policy and filters. show filters - Displays filters matching the specified traffic parameters. show netevents - Displays recent network events matching the traffic parameters. show options - Displays the engine options for netevents. show security - Displays the specified security descriptor. show state - Displays the current state of WFP and IPsec. show sysports - Displays system ports used by the TCP/IP Stack and the RPC sub-system.


netsh wfp show - Windows Seven - command Shows WFP configuration and state. / Windows Seven
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netsh interface portproxy add v6tov6
Adds an entry to listen on for IPv6 and proxy connect to via IPv6.
netsh rpc filter delete
Deletes configuration entry from a table.
netsh interface ipv6 show destinationcache
Shows destination cache entries.
netsh ras set ikev2saexpiry
Sets the IKEv2 Security Association's expiration controls.
netsh interface ipv6 delete neighbors
Deletes the neighbor cache.
netsh ras ip add
Adds items to a table.

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