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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7000]
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C:\Windows>netsh wfp show security ? Usage: show security [ type = ] CALLOUT|ENGINE|FILTER|IKESADB|IPSECSADB|LAYER|NETEVENTS |PROVIDER|PROVIDERCONTEXT|SUBLAYER [ [ guid = ] Parameters: Tag Value type - Specifies the object type to be retrieved. Can be CALLOUT, ENGINE, FILTER, IKESADB, IPSECSADB, LAYER, NETEVENTS, PROVIDER, PROVIDERCONTEXT, or SUBLAYER. guid - For object types that support per-object security descriptors, this is the GUID of the object. If not specified, it defaults to IID_NULL, which retrieves the security descriptor of the type container. The following types support per-object security descriptors: callout filter layer provider providercontext sublayer Remarks: Displays the specified security descriptor.


netsh wfp show security - Windows Seven - command Displays the specified security descriptor. / Windows Seven
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