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C:\Windows>netsh wfp show filters ? Usage: show filters [ [ file = ] | - ] [ [ protocol = ] ] [ [ localaddr = ] ] [ [ remoteaddr = ] ] [ [ localport = ] ] [ [ remoteport = ] ] [ [ appid = ] ] [ [ userid = ] ] [ [ dir = ] IN | OUT ] [ [ verbose = ] ON | OFF ] Parameters: Tag Value file - Output file name. The default is 'filters.xml'. If this parameter is set to the dash character, 'file = -', the output is written only to the console. protocol - The IP protocol. This must be an integer. localaddr - The IP addresses. 'localaddr' is the local IP address, remoteaddr and the 'remoteaddr' is the remote IP address. The addresses are either IPv4 or IPv6. If both local and remote addressses are specified, they both must belong to the same address family. localport - The ports. 'localport' is the local port remoteport and 'remoteport' is the remote port. They must be integers. appid - The application sending or receiving the traffic on the local host. This either an NT path such as '\device\harddiskvolume1\windows\system32\ftp.exe' or a DOS path such as 'c:\Windows\System32\ftp.exe' The supplied path must exist. userid - The user sending or receiving the traffic on the local host. The userid may be a SID (such as 'S-1-5-18') or a user name (such as 'nt authority\system'). dir - The direction of the connection. By default, filters for both inbound and outbound traffic are displayed. Use IN to display only filters for inbound traffic or OUT to display only filters for outbound traffic. verbose - Determines whether to display all filters. Can be ON or OFF. The default is OFF, which attempts to suppress matching filters that are unlikely to affect connectivity. ON does not suppress any filters. Remarks: Displays filters matching the specified traffic parameters.


netsh wfp show filters - Windows Seven - command Displays filters matching the specified traffic parameters. / Windows Seven
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