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Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1986-2001 Microsoft Corp.
C:\WINDOWS>netsh routing ip add preferenceforprotocol ? Usage: add preferenceforprotocol [proto=] autostatic|local|netmgmgt|nondod|ospf|rip|static [preflevel=] Parameters: Tag Value proto One of the following values: autostatic: Adds an autostatic routing preference local: Adds a local routing preference netmgmt: Adds a routing protocol preference for a network management protocol nondod: Adds a preference for a routing protocol not able to use demand-dial ospf: Adds a routing protocol prference for OSPF rip: Adds a routing protocol prference for RIP static: Adds a static routing preference preflevel A number indicating preference Remarks: Adds a preference level for a routing protocol. Examples: add preferenceforprotocol proto=rip preflevel=10 add preferenceforprotocol ospf 10


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Adds a preference level for a routing protocol. / Windows 2000/XP

HTTP: ... cmd/en/Windows_XP/netsh/routing/ip/add/preferenceforprotocol.htm
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