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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7000]
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C:\Windows>netsh interface isatap set ? Følgende kommandoer er tilgængelige: Kommandoer i denne kontekst: set router - Angiver ISATAP-routeroplysningerne. set state - Angiver ISATAP-tilstanden.


Quick - Link:
netsh interface ipv4 show neighbors
Viser poster i den tilst?dende cache.
netsh ras aaaa show authentication
Viser den aktuelle godkendelsesprovider.
netsh interface ipv4 delete neighbors
T?mmer ARP-cachen for en eller alle gr?nseflader.
netsh p2p pnrp peer delete
Sletter poster.
netsh interface 6to4 show
Viser oplysninger.
netsh p2p idmgr show statistics
Viser statistik over identiteter.


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HTTP: ... cmd/dk/Windows_7/netsh/interface/isatap/set.htm

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