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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7000]
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C:\Windows>netsh ipsec dynamic show all ? Usage: all [ [ resolvedns = ] (yes | no) ] Displays details of all policies, filters, SAs, and statistics from SPD. Parameters: Tag Value resolvedns -Value of 'yes' displays the resolved dns name. Remarks: Default value of resolvedns is 'no'. Examples: show all yes - shows all information with dns resolution


netsh ipsec dynamic show all - Windows Seven - command Displays policies, filters, SAs, and statistics from SPD. / Windows Seven
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netsh ipsec static show gpoassignedpolicy
Displays details of a group assigned policy.
netsh wlan show autoconfig
Shows whether the auto configuration logic is enabled or
netsh ipsec dynamic show rule
Displays rule details from SPD.
netsh winsock show catalog
Displays contents of Winsock Catalog.
netsh interface teredo set state
Sets Teredo state.
netsh wfp show filters
Displays filters matching the specified traffic parameters.

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