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Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
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C:\WINDOWS>netsh interface add interface ? Usage: add interface [name=] [[type=]full] Parameters: Tag Value name - Name of the interface to be added. type - One of the following values: full: Creates a demand dial interface. Remarks: Adds an interface to the router. For full interfaces, a phone book entry with the same name must already exist on the system. Examples: add interface name="Demand-Dial Interface" type=full The command adds a demand dial interface to the router.


netsh interface add interface - Windows 2000/XP - command Adds an interface to the router. / Windows 2000/XP
netsh, interface, add, interface, cmd, command, Windows, 2000/XP
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netsh p2p pnrp
Changes to the `netsh p2p pnrp' context.
netsh bridge set adapter
Modifies the bridge configuration for a specified adapter.
netsh routing ip dnsproxy set interface
Sets DNS proxy parameters for an interface.
netsh interface ipv6 set address
Modifies IPv6 address information.
netsh routing ip show boundarystats
Displays IP multicast boundaries
netsh ras aaaa show authserver
Displays the RADIUS server(s) used for authentication.

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